The Bloggers Behind The Blog

It’s launch day and we absolutely excited to not only introduce ourselves but also to share with you what we have up our sleeves for this upcoming project. There’s two of us, you may know us from our individual blogs The Reading Closet and Tomes With Tea, well we have decided to create a co-blog that satisfies both our needs for blogging and chatting true crime. So, let us introduce ourselves.


Hey there, I’m Danielle. I individually blog over at The Reading Closet where I shall continue, for now, review for blog tours and recently received proofs. Amy recently suggested co-blogging due to our life commitments and the pressure to continue holding up our blogs. Over My Read Body will hopefully create a breather for us to blog when we fancy it – possibly on alternative schedules so there’ll always be a weekly post for you!

I started blogging over a year ago, I didn’t really have anyone in my life to chat books about so my blog was started as a way to share that raving book love. Since then I’ve met many bloggers, publishers and authors in real life and through the Twitter universe. This has deepened my love for reading and blogging. I met Amy at the Headline New Voices 2019 party and she’s one of these people that you can’t help but connect with, I’m so glad to be starting this blogging journey with her. So, what are my bookish tastes? If you asked me this time last year i’d say thriller, crime and police procedural. If you ask me now, i’d say translated fiction, female fiction and a bit of fantasy.

This year, I hope to use this blog to share not only my thought on my own physical TBR but also to bring you some co-created posts with Amy in the form of #WickedWednesdays a great blogging project that Amy will explain way better than I could, but this I can say, it’s going to be exciting!



Hello there my loves! My name is Amy and I blog individually over at Tomes with Tea and have been doing so for about 2 and a half years now. Like Danielle, I plan on continuing with Tomes with Tea and will be posting both on there and on here.

When I started the blog, I had no ‘real life’ friends that consumed books in the way that I did. There wasn’t anyone I could chat to about books and so I went searching on the internet and what I found was incredible.

When I met Danielle, I knew she was someone that I wanted to be friends with and couldn’t imagine not having her in my life now. We have such similar tastes and a slightly weird penchant for all things criminal (Danielle having studied forensics and me in the middle of my law degree) and so the idea for Over My Read Body was born!

We have so many exciting things planned and we can’t wait to share them with you – starting with our first #WickedWednesday post this week where we dissect and discuss the case of Commonwealth v Michelle Carter.


We hope that you’ll follow along with us on this exciting new ride.

Love D & A